Easy Strawberry Brownies

You will want to try this easy Strawberry Brownies recipe which is a nice variation on the traditional chocolate brownie, that is sure to make you smile. All the easy to follow instructions can be found on the step by step video tutorial of the dessert recipe.

Some of the ingredients you will need for this another strawberry brownie recipe includes a strawberry cake mix, eggs, vegetable oil and some white chocolate chips (these are optional but tasty if you have them). For the simple sweet glaze, you will need some confectioners sugar, whole milk and a bit of vanilla extract.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and spray a nine by thirteen glass baking pan with some nonstick cooking spray. Then in a medium sized bowl you can put in the strawberry cake mix and mix it with the eggs and oil. You will want to look at the site to see the note about the eggs and oil used compared to the box recipe. The batter should be a thick consistency. Now scrape the strawberry brownie batter into the sprayed baking pan, and sprinkle with the optional chocolate chips if you're using them. You can bake these strawberry brownies in a preheated oven until they start to brown around the edges of the baking pan, and the middle of the strawberry brownies looks set. You can also try poking the middle of the strawberry brownies with a toothpick to see if finished, coming out clean as opposed to with crumbs. Let the strawberry brownies cool completely. While the brownie recipe is cooling, you can mix up the simple glaze recipe with the sugar, milk and vanilla to make a nice glaze. Then pour over the top of the strawberry brownies, and spread over evenly with a spatula. At this point, you can let the sweet glaze set before you cut them into some squares for serving.

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