Eat my Sweet Face

Just when you think it has all been done, there is another innovative idea to come along. Eat My Sweet Face is a simple soft sugar cookie recipe taken to the next level. Rebecca Levitan is the creative genius behind the Eat my Sweet Face cookie. Rebecca, an artist, made some of these amazingly detailed cookie faces for her siblings as a gift and then just kept going from there. She started out by making her favourite celebrities into cookie faces and now, she is taking orders from people online. You could even order one for a friend or family member or even of yourself. She also makes dog and cat cookie faces, but your pets shouldn't eat them as they are not pet friendly ingredients. So how does she make these amazing cookies? It all starts with a simple soft cookie recipe. She rolls out the dough after it has been mixed and then takes the photo of the person she is designing the cookie to look like. People who want a cookie face made send her a good quality, front facing photo of the person they want on the cookie, and she prints it off and traces the outline onto the cookie dough. Then, she cute the shape of the head out of the dough and bakes the cookie in the oven. Once the cookie comes out, she then draws the facial details on the cookie with a food dye pen that is safe for consumption. Then the icing goes on to make the hair and the features stand out even more. The results are pretty incredible and totally resemble the celebrities she has chosen to make face cookies of.

She showcases cookie faces of Beyonce, Larry David, Gwyneth Paltrow, Aziz Ansari, and even Frida Kahlo. They are quite detailed, right down to facial hair on the men and jewelry and clothing on the women. She has played around with different cookie designs of the celebrities she admires the most and she takes orders from people. One cookie costs $35 and for more extravagant cookies or cookies with two heads she charges around $50. She has even made the cookie faces for wedding cake toppers that come on a stick that is able to be placed on top of a wedding cake for the big day. On Canada AM she says that some people have even put shellac on their cookie face to preserve it forever. She says she hopes people will just eat them and enjoy the delicious cookie too. Each cookie takes approximately an hour to complete.

Wouldn't this be a fun food to introduce to a birthday party or a family gathering? People are always looking for fun food for kids to serve up for birthday parties. So instead of a typical cake, this might just be a fun food to order for a child's big day. You could order different stages of their development if they are older, or keep it to just one cookie face on the top of a cake. The kids would get a total kick out of seeing their friend's face on a cookie. They would also be awesome for adults as well. Imagine giving one to a friend for their birthday, it would be that one totally original present that they get. You can visit Rebecca's cool website Eat My Sweet Face and check out all of the neat cookie faces she creates on her Instagram account. She has even made a cookie face of herself as well as the current politicians running for President of the United States. She also recreated a famous piece of art and pieces of fruit. Have a look at her cookie creations and maybe even order one of your own cookie faces.*

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