Eat This Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Growing up with a large group of cousins, each one of us had to be very quick on holidays like Easter to get our share of the candy. This was not the case when my Grandmother would bake. She would make in abundance and be the first person to offer seconds to all of us small children, which we would happily accept. When you are a kid you can ALWAYS fit in a second slice of carrot cake. My Mom and the rest of the Aunties were not so happy about this because of course they were the ones that had to put us to bed later that night.

This carrot cake recipe from Locavore Girl in the City is quite similar to my Grandmother's carrot cake, except that she never made it into a cheesecake style cake with the layers. Of course, we would always have it with cream cheese topping, but it was never taken to quite this level of decadence. My Grandmother would have definitely approved of this recipe. In my opinion, based off of years of eating my Grandmother's carrot cake, a carrot cake should have an abundance of spices to make it perfect. That means cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to start. It should also be quite moist and carroty..and should always be served with cream cheese in some capacity.

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