Eggnog Fudge

It's always an exciting time of year when stores put out their eggnog. Not only is it good to drink, but you can make creamy dessert recipes like this Eggnog Fudge Recipe. Creamy and sweet, with just the right hint of nutmeg, you won't be able to stop at just one piece! We just can't help but love egg nog; maybe it's the fact that it only comes out at a certain time of year, so we have the rest of the year to think about it. It's smooth, creamy and sweet and just makes us feel cozy. This eggnog fudge recipe is just the thing to try; it's like having a glass of eggnog in a treat. Some of the ingredients you will need for this dessert recipe include butter, eggnog, white sugar, white chocolate chips, and marshmallow cream. You will also need some vanilla extract and grated nutmeg.

To start, line a 9-inch by 9-inch pan with foil. Spray the pan with some non-stick cooking spray. Then in a medium saucepan, combine the butter, sugar, and eggnog. Bring the ingredients to a boil. Cook the ingredients until the temperature reaches 234 degrees with a candy thermometer. Remove the saucepan from the heat. Stir in the white chocolate until melted. Stir in the marshmallow cream, vanilla, and nutmeg. Then evenly spread into a prepared pan. You can garnish with some more grated nutmeg on top. This eggnog fudge recipe is a great dessert recipe to serve at dessert tables.

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