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If you have been interested in a different kind of vacation or getaway, you must check out the Escape Home Test Stay Vacations. You don't have to go off to a fancy resort or stay in a five-star hotel to have a great vacation. In fact, more people are choosing to vacation differently and embracing the minimalist approach. People love to go on a vacation every once in a while to explore new places that they have never been before as well as to enjoy some time to themselves away from the stresses of everyday life. Vacations are a way to become inspired and to try something new and different, to learn more about ourselves and as well as the world we live in as well as meet new people and hear different stories and perspectives on life. Staying in a hotel has its perks of course, but why not shake it up a bit and stay in an adorable cabin like one of these Escape homes?

There are a couple of different options that are offered when it comes to these great tiny cabin designs. The Escape Vista XL in Salem, Oregon, is a tiny house on wheels and is available to stay in for $115 US per night. This tiny house is a wonderful example of how awesome tiny house living and vacationing can be. The tiny house is 269 square feet, and its measurements are 30 feet long or 34 feet long with the hitch. The Escape XL is one of the tiny cabin designs from Escape Cabins that can be purchased to build your own tiny house and it can be purchased for $72,800. The design inside the cabin is beautiful, with all wood cabinetry and a very modern design and decor. The kitchen is totally equipped with everything needed to make great meals including a mini fridge and a range cooktop for cooking. There is a nice little table and a built in couch to lounge on as well. This one is on wheels, so if you are considering taking the leap to build your own tiny house, then this one would be perfect to spend a night in to see what small house living is all about.

If you want something small, but not too small, then the Escape Classic at Canoe Bay in Chetek, Wisconsin would be a great option. This is one of the more popular tiny cabin designs that people have been interested in over the years. It is a stationary cabin which means that it is not on wheels, but it is still considered a tiny house because the size is under 800 square feet. This one has, even more, space than the Escape XL and even has a sunroom at the front as well as a fireplace to cozy up to on chillier nights. The Escape Cabins company also has another tiny cabin on wheels called the Escape Traveler which can be rented out in Atlanta, Georgia for $150 per night. This one has a loft for sleeping as well as a fireplace. Staying in a tiny house like one of these would give you a peek inside small house living and perhaps even give you a new perspective on housing. You may even walk away from the experience wanting to build your own tiny house whether its a stationary one or one on wheels. Small house living helps millions of people worldwide to live a life that is their own, independent from the current failing economic situation as well as a higher quality of life. Check out these awesome Escape vacation homes for some tiny house inspiration.*

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