Every Tape Measure Has 4 Features That I Never Knew About. These Tricks Can Help Everyone!

Everybody relies on a tape measurer at some point, especially when they have lots of home projects to do. Every tape measure has 4 features that most people don't know about. These tricks from All Tips Ideas can help everyone out. If you have ever done any home repairs or projects yourself you most likely own a tape measure, and if you don't, it's a great idea to purchase one because they are very handy. You can use your tape measure to assist you in making things for your home, for hanging pictures on the wall and other home and garden projects. If your projects to do require a lot of measuring these 4 secret features of a tape measure will only assist in getting the job done right. While people have been using measuring devices since ancient Roman times, the tape measure as we know it today only came into existence 1868. In ancient Roman times people would use something more like a ruler. They used pieces of leather to make measurements, similar to the measure tapes used by tailors or dress makers, which are a soft, flexible material so they are able to measure the curves and contours of a human shape.

The patent for the first tape measure was filed on July 4, 1868 by a man named Alvin J. Fellows in New Haven, Connecticut. He was the first person to attempt to make a spring loaded tape measure. Years later in the 1920s, a man named Hiram A. Farrand picked up the patent that Alvin Fellows left behind and began working with a company to make a product and soon after, the company, called The Brown Company in Berlin, New Hampshire began distributing and selling the tape measurers. At one point, a man created a 600 foot tape measure. Most tape measures have the same or similar features on them including the measurements in both inches, feet and centimetres. Measurements at 19.2 inches will measure the proper spacing of joists, and marks that are 16 inches apart measure out the studs of a wall. The tape part of the tape measure is usually made out of metal that is rounded just enough to stay stiff while taking measurements, and flexible enough to roll into a coil within the plastic chamber of the tape measure. This is one of those tools that can make our lives easier that every tool box should have at least one of.

All Tips Ideas shares a great video from YouTube with us because there are some hidden features of a tape measure that so many people don't know about. These are simple life hacks that are already built into pretty much any tape measure you buy. The first thing many people don't know is that the metal part at the start of any tape measure isn't just a hook to keep the tape from winding in too far. That's just one of it's features. The metal hook is also used to latch onto the edges of walls and furniture to get an exact measurement, but that's not all either. There is a little space that you may have noticed but didn't know what it was for. It's actually for grabbing onto nails or screws. Leah explains exactly how to use this feature in her video so you can try it out sometime. There are other great features that she takes us through so don't miss this video. All Tips Ideas shares tons of simple life hacks that can make our lives easier through informational videos. They also share recipes and fun diy projects so have some fun looking around their site.***

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