Exclusive: Scientists Baffled After Mysterious Alien Corpse Found in Russia

What could this be?!? There are many things in this world that people can not explain, and some things that people don't really want to explain. This Strange Tiny Being Puzzles Scientists and Scares Russians. There might just be some things we cannot explain, but as we are humans, we do have our own ideas of what we think things may be, and we formulate our own opinions about them. This is what most people are having to do when it comes to this tiny dead body of a being that was found in a town called Sosnovy Bor in western Russia. Even scientists are baffled as to what this could be and while they may have ideas that it might not even be from this planet, nothing is ever really said about that to the public. The girl, Tamara, who found it with her friends, isn't so quick to accept that it is simply a chicken embryo like all of her friends think it is. There are researchers that do agree with Tamara, and are equally as fascinated with this little being.

The one researcher says that this being has no neck and no wings, but it has a little skull. Scientists have shipped the body away to Moscow where it will be further investigated, although, this has some residents of the town worried that this being might be something that they don't want to know exactly what it is. It may be a product of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant which is what this town was built for in the first place, so people are worried that it might be a mutated being caused by the chemicals from the power plant. The other theory is that it is a being from another planet, and extra terrestrial, maybe it was dropped off for humans to discover, so that we can be more aware of the other beings in our solar system.

The theory of it being a mutated being, is quite likely when you take into account the numerous nuclear waste spills the town has had. Three people were even killed due to an accident, only a a month after the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant opened. Then, contaminated water was released after a fire and there were other accidents in the 1990s that occurred that shows that the plant was noticeably unstable. It is a very strange looking corpse indeed, it does have resemblance to a human fetus, but the head might be a little too big. It does look like what we know certain alien races to look like, and we might even find out that that is what it is. You never can be too sure, but you can totally have your own ideas and thoughts about what it may be.

What do you think it could be? The product of too much nuclear poisoning in this community? Or maybe it was an extraterrestrial being that was left behind on Earth and died while it was here. It seems like something you would only perhaps see in a movie, but this is definitely real. The people of the town hope that nothing is being hidden from them and that they will get answers soon!

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