Extra Easy Lasagna

Need a super easy recipe, with minimal prep time and ingredients? Try Extra Easy Lasagna! The only thing you have to do before throwing it all in a pan and then into the oven is cook the beef. You donít even need to cook the noodles first. You best of all it will taste great and you donít have to be a master chef. Even kids and the picky eaters will like this meal. And with only five ingredients you donít have to worry about a complicated grocery list. You will only use a skillet and a baking dish so clean up will be quick, so you have plenty of time to relax after you fill your belly. And there will be no waste! The recipe calls for a full package of each ingredient. Sometimes itís hard to figure out what to do with the leftover jar of pasta sauce when you only need a portion for a recipe but whatís left isnít quite enough for another recipe.

The recipe can easily be adapted to make it vegetarian, or you can substitute the ground beef for ground turkey. You can even get creative and add in some of your own ingredients. With a simple yet tasty recipe such as Extra Easy Lasagna you donít have to be a master chef to get creative. Many flavours will meld well with this scrumptious dish. Check the reviews below the recipe for ideas.

Did you know the word lasagna did not originally refer to the dish itself, but the pot that was used to cook the food? In Italy where the dish originates from they only refer to it in the plural form, lasagne. Lasagna noodles are possibly one of the oldest types of pasta. Remember Garfield? Well then you probably remember his favourite dish was lasagna. And with good reason, it is a pleasant meal for everyone. So pleasant that Weird Al Yankovic recorded a song about it! Thatís right, it was a parody of the song ĎLa Bambaí.

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