Extraordinary Communication Between A Young Man And His Horse

Taming a horse could be a lot of work. But this extraordinary communication between a young man and his horse would make you think that it is easy. It is impressive how the man made it look that way. He was practicing some meditative exercises in taming his horse. He learned this method from a school in San Luis, Argentina named “Doma India.” It has been around for more than 5 decades now. The school has this program in taming horses without having to use violence. They practice methods that are respectful and will cause no harm to the animal.

I found all this information from the website called "One Jive." They featured this extraordinary communication between a young man and his horse. The man is an expert when it comes to dealing with horses and their behavior. It is impressive how he commands the horse just by using meditation. The whole process looked like he was doing yoga and the horse would then obey his every word. When you see this man's way of taming his horse, you could tell how aware he is at what he must do. Through this method, it was easy for him to create a bond with his horse. It was amazing to witness how the horse responded without any restraint.

At the end of the course in Doma India, one would learn that fear is unnecessary. To include fear in taming a horse would not result to anything constructive. The foundation in their teachings involves being at peace with the animal. Hurting the horse would also just lead to problems in the future to both the horse and its owner.

This is an intriguing subject and I know that you want to learn more about it. To read more about this extraordinary communication between a young man and his horse, visit the website link of "One Jive" below.

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