Extraterrestrial Mummy Found In Egypt

In what could be the discovery of a lifetime, this shocking extraterrestrial mummy has recently been found in an Egyptian archaeological dig that Egyptian authorities do not want to make public for fear of causing panic. According to sources the mummy, dated at about 2000 years old, was discovered by Dr. Viktor Lubrek, a retired professor, in a hidden compartment while searching a small pyramid next to Senruset II, a larger pyramid housing the wife of the pharaoh. Certain traits, like eyes too big and oval-shaped to be human, and the unique body shape of the mummy suggest that it is otherworldly. Even the inscription on the tomb identifies the occupant as a "messenger from the stars" and it was buried with great care and respect, befitting a being of great importance. Some materials found in the tomb have also reportedly been unidentifiable and made out of elements never before seen in Egyptian tombs, while archaeologists called upon to explain it by the Egyptian government have been unable to do so.

It seems that there is every possibility that this was indeed an extraterrestrial from 2000 years ago that may have served as adviser to the Egyptian pharaoh, who was entombed with the utmost respect and who is currently being kept confidential by the Egyptian Government that refuses to believe that ancient aliens could have helped to found Egypt. Since it is still very difficult if not impossible to answer the question of who built The Pyramids, since it was a feat far beyond that technology of the time, it would make sense that early Egyptians did have some assistance from an otherworldly source. Even in the modern day we cannot easily recreate the incredibly feat of building The Pyramids, and many experts are dumbfounded as to how the Egyptians accomplished it, so there is room for a more unconventional solution to this problem.

Growing up, I always wondered how The Egyptian Pyramids were built, especially since modern science cannot seem to easily explain how they were constructed thousands of years ago. I also always believed that extraterrestrials do exist, and that it was just a matter of time until we found them or they revealed themselves to us. It seems highly unlikely that the Earth is the only planet out of trillions out there to have life on it. The discovery of this Egyptian mummy that looks to be not from this world raises many other questions, such as how aliens influenced human development and whether they built The Pyramids as some sort of landing marker or for some other purpose. We may never know the answers to these questions, but at least we may someday soon know more of the truth that seems to be getting covered up in various ways.

Now it is time for you to see these incredible photos for yourself and decide if you think ancient aliens existed and whether or not they may yet come back.

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