Fall Off The Bone BBQ Ribs

The warmer weekends are coming and there are certain foods that will absolutely make you want to get out your barbecue apron and start grilling! Ribs is one of those meals that comes to mind for me for many reasons. Although it is debatable to some chefs out there, the slow cooker is the ultimate way to make fall of the bone ribs. There is nothing quite so delicious when the meat it tender and literally falls off as you bite. The sauce has to be thick and tangy and the more ribs the better! I am not even an avid meat eater but when these slow cooker ribs are on the table, I cannot resist seconds and thirds and sometimes even fourths!

There are not a lot of food focused websites that produce both the quality and the quantity of recipes as Six Sisters Stuff. Maybe it is because there are six of them! Whatever the case, this rib recipe combines some of my favorite ingredients including barbecue sauce and brown sugar! What I love about this recipe is that they use store bought barbecue sauce! Yes, there are delicious recipes that you can make your own, but sometimes life is just so busy that you just want things to be simple. To be fair though, there are varieties of barbecue sauce from the store that are much better than others. Avoid MSG, avoid corn syrup and avoid dyes, colors and flavors.

For the entire list of ingredients and instructions visit the link below to the 'Six Sisters' website. We cannot say enough about how much we love this recipe and this website! Bon appetit!

Oh and don't forget, if you are planning to make this meal, try a little side bowl of warm lemon water for all your guests and plenty of napkins!

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