Famous Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi

If anyone tells you itís impossible to have gourmet food at home because nothing beats the food you can get from 5-star restaurants, prove them wrong by serving them some famous Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi recipe! The price of eating this famous dish if you order it from Red Lobster would probably cost double or triple what you would spend to make it at home! So it pays off to do the work yourself, plus it feels so rewarding to make gourmet food right in your very own home. But, before we share with you this amazing recipe, allow us to give you some cool facts about this shrimp recipe's and the Red Lobster restaurant's origin.

The Red Lobster restaurant first opened in 1978 and since then, it has been known for their amazing seafood recipes. It all started in Lakeland, Florida, and now it has branched out to different parts of the world such as in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, and Qatar. One of their most loved dishes is their shrimp scampi. This is one of the reasons this restaurant was placed on the map of culinary must-haves. Anyone who has tasted this dish from Red Lobster will never forget it, and would surely come back for more. And today, you are about to have its recipe to be able to make whenever you want! How exciting! I remember going to Red Lobster was one of my absolute favourite restaurants to go to a nice dinner out when I was a kid. If I were given the choice of where to go out for dinner, I would always choose Red Lobster hands down, since I have always loved seafood the most over any other type of meat. I would order the big seafood platter and of course it has the shrimp scampi on it; it would be so surprising to everyone that I could eat the whole thing, even though it took me a while. It is so cool to be able to have the recipe to be able to make it right at home now.

The ingredients are so easy to find as well; you can usually find good shrimp at your local grocery store or fish market if you have one. When you buy shrimp, you can get them already peeled too, which makes the work a lot easier for you. I like to buy the shrimp that are raw personally, but that is up to you. So to start making the shrimp scampi, first of all, you need the shrimp or prawns, of course, and then you need some olive oil, garlic, white wine, lemon, butter, parsley, Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese. You basically then sear the shrimp, and sautť the garlic and herbs and everything else and then add the shrimp back in. The procedure so easy to understand as well since there are only eight steps to follow, so you can completely handle it all on your own. You donít need to be a graduate of a culinary school to pull this off so don't worry! This recipe is the closest you could get from experiencing the famous Red Lobsterís specialty dish. When you taste it, you will immediately be taken back to Red Lobster and this recipe is sure to impress your family as well. The will totally feel like they are eating in a nice gourmet restaurant! The other awesome part of this recipe is that it is fairly healthy too! Shrimp is so healthy for you, with tonnes of protein in it that doesn't come with a lot of fat. This recipe would be wonderful with a nice salad on the side and perhaps some brown rice or quinoa. You could also make Red Lobster's famous cheese biscuits as well; there are many recipes online for them.

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