Faux Barn Wood Painting Tutorial

Alright, folks! Here is an awesome faux painting tutorial! I want you to spare your 10 seconds and stare at the photo. Do you think it is a real barn wood? *silence “Yes, it is!” Breaking news, pal! This is not a real barn wood. This is a fake one and I can tell that it has greatly deceived you, my friend. “It really did! What is it anyway?” This is only a custom office work table. “Whoever made this is brilliant! Tell me who did this.” That’s the thing that I am going to share to you today, my sweet friend. Let us go inside to the House of Smiths. *winks*

*Goes in* “Oh! There they are!” Yes, I want you to meet Shelley and his husband, Cason. Shelley wants to keep track on the cosmetic part of her family's progress on home remodel and shift in design style. This encourages her to create The House of Smiths blog. Just like Shelley, her husband is also passionate with DIY’s and making their house a humble home. “In the past few years we have really found a new appreciation for the beauty and upkeep of our space. We often try to find new fun ways to upgrade, organize and decorate our home on a budget. And as each day goes by, and a new project is completed, the phrase ‘Love the space you're in’ becomes more and more meaningful to us,” shares Shelley.

The House of Smiths focuses on the home DIY, decorating, crafting, and family life. The blog has become an avenue for Shelley to share what she knows in those areas. “Our blog is a great way for us to share, inspire, and learn from our new attempts at tackling projects on our very long list of ‘things to do’, by taking it One space at a time,” she says. Her keenness towards the things she loves has led her teach other people about it. I admire you, Ms. Shelley. You are a great tutor! *winks*

To end this article, let me share Shelley and Cason’s motto: “Blog about what you love, have no regrets and aim for the overall goal to leave people feeling more motivated, inspired, and happier than when they came.”

For the tutorial, visit the 'House of Smiths' website below. Enjoy!

Learn MORE at The House Of The Smiths

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