Favorite Pot Roast Recipe - Made In The Crock Pot!

This is probably my favorite pot roast recipe Ė and itís made in the crockpot! The meat is tender an delicious, the gravy smooth and creamy, and the whole recipe is easy as one-two-three!

This is the perfect meal for on-the-go professionals and busy parents. All you need is a roast, a couple of cans of mushroom soup, some onion soup mix, and salt and pepper. Itís the perfect way to get gourmet taste out of every day ingredients, and to impress your friends and family with your culinary prowess. This pot roast is so good-to-go that you donít even need to brown it before putting it in the crockpot: just pop it in raw and get jaw dropping, mouth watering delicious result every time! You just spray the crockpot, add the meat, then mix the onion powder and liquids in a bowl and let it cook for eight hours. If youíre in a hurry, you can ever turn your crockpot up to ďhigh ď and cook it for four to five hours.

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The best thing about this recipe is how adaptable it is. For a little extra kick, try adding beef broth in stead of water. Feeling saucy? Why not add a little red wine to the mix? Just put a quarter of a cup in the crockpot, and a generous glass in your mouth and let the good (and delicious) times roll. Why not substitute salt and pepper for some other seasonings? The pot roast goes great with some veggies and potatoes, and adding a side of grilled asparagus makes for a hearty, delicious and healthy meal. If youíre old school, eat the meat with a side of horseradish: itís a nice kick-in-the-pants sure to wake your taste buds up from their slumber.

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