F-cup cookies! Cookies that claim to increase your bust size naturally!

F-cup in a cookie? A bit like a flying white unicorn, the mythical F-cup is a rarely seen beast. And while not necessarily the best for your back, F-cup cookies' latest, non-invasive breast enhancement technology claims to increase your bust size naturally. How? It's all in the chewing. In truth, while F-cup cookies don't in the strictest sense advertise the possibility of increasing your breasts naturally to an F-cup size (a DD in North America), with their enhanced cookie tech, they do state that naturally achieved enlargement is possible. With 50mg of the herbal breast enhancer Pueraria Mirfica - a naturally occurring plant estrogen found in vegetables like soybeans, parsley, celery and a plant called Kwao Krua from the forests of Thailand - each cookie offers not only the possibility of a larger chest, but increased overall health in areas such as circulation, PMS relief, reduced stress, healthier hair and skin, among others.

A product from f-cup-cookies.com, these are but one offering in the arena of natural mammary gland augmentation, with a proverbial apothecary of products ranging from breast capsules, to creams, sprays, powders, serums, extracts, and more, all hailing from the far reaches of Thailand and Japan. Each box of F-cup cookies comes with thirty individually wrapped units, in a choice of two flavours: soybean (plain) or pralines and chocolate. The suggested "dosage" is one to two cookies per day with plenty of water, as the cookies are water-absorbing, offering a long lasting feeling of satiation.

While the exact methodology for this natural breast enlargement isn't outlined per se, F-cup claims that just one to two cookies per day will offer real, tangible mammerific results; although no timeline for said augmentation is espoused, nor any information offered relating to how long the effects last. Made in Japan, F-cup cookies have a site certified four-star customer rating, testifying to "good enhancement", and are routinely sold out. Included with each purchase is a riveting free breast enlargement handbook, "How to Grow your Breasts the Natural Way", currently a New York Times bestseller.

Cookies usually contain flour, eggs, sugar, and either butter, cooking oil or another oil or fat, and often including ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips or nuts. Cookies may be massproduced, made in small bakeries or home-made. Cookie variants include using two thin cookies with a creme filling and dipping the cookie in chocolate or another sweet coating. Cookies are often served with beverages such as milk, coffee or tea. Cookies are most commonly baked until crisp or just long enough that they remain soft, but some kinds of cookies are not baked at all. Some popular cookies are chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, shortbread cookies, brownies, snickerdoodle, sugar cookie, tea biscuit and wafers.

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