Find Out What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality

Find out what your finger length reveals about your personality in this informative article from Earth Porn. We have all heard of palm reading and I must admit I am a bit skeptical, but I never would have imagined that the length of my fingers would reveal anything about my personality. According to Earth Porn I am a faithful, caring peacemaker with a hidden temper that flares occasionally, which sounds about right I think. I may not be a serious believer, but theories like this can make for fun icebreakers if the conversation runs dry at a social gathering.

Reading this article has got me wondering though about what else our hands might say about us. It is an interesting experiment to try to guess someone's profession simply by looking at their hands. My father was an accountant and his hands always looked clean, pink and smooth (aside from the occasional paper cut). My partner, on the other hand, is a bike mechanic and his hands are always rough and frequently blackened with bike grease. I know after a day of gardening it is pretty obvious to anyone looking at my hands what I have been doing. No matter how much I scrub I can never seem to get all the dirt out from the edges of my fingernails.

Our hands also say a lot about us as a species. Human hands consist of a complex arrangement of twenty seven different bones, along with a number of different muscles, tendons and nerves. These unique appendages allow us a wide range of movement and functional activities. Capable of gripping, lifting, carrying and complex fine movements like playing a piano, handwriting or assembling complex electronics, our hands are part of what makes us the unique animals that we are.

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