Floating Staircase Ideas For The Contemporay Home

Guys, have you ever imagined a floating staircase? “I have never heard of such thing before. I mean I've heard about staircases, but a floating one? That sounds unbelievable.” Lovely friend, it’s going to be believable once you see these 32 floating staircase design ideas for the contemporary home. Trust me, buddy. The word ‘beautiful’ is not enough to describe these floating stairs. The word ‘stylish’ fits them perfectly! “Hmm, that sounds enthralling, but what’s with the floating stairs anyway? What are the benefits if there is any?” Dear one, if its benefits you are looking for, do not worry. I've got three here. *winks*

First, floating staircases are minimalistic and modern. According to Mylen Stairs’ website, movement towards reductivism is one of the hottest trends in interior design. It is their aim to maximize your room with the most space efficient and beautiful furnishings. Looking at these 32 floating staircases, the overall look of your house would be uncomplicated and light, but refined. This will then lead to the second benefit of floating staircase. It creates an airy and light look. “Floating stairs will allow the natural light to penetrate through the spaces between the stair treads to fill the rest of your room with warm and cheery sunlight.” Also, the ‘light weight’ look adds ‘flavor’ to the entire house.*winks* Lastly, floating stairs don't disrupt your interior décor. In fact, they add to it. It is because floating staircase designs are stylish, thus, adding more adornment to your home. And on the top of that, they give you a bigger storage space and big savings unlike the traditional staircases.

So, if you are planning to build or renovate your house, you might want to consider having a floating staircase. “That’s the plan now, bud! I need inspiration for it though.”

If its inspiration you want, just click Decoist’s website below for floating staircase design ideas. Have fun! *winks*

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