Food Secrets That Will Change Your Life

They say that when you love food, you should know how to cook it or at least where to find it. To those who wish to make their lives easier, here’s a series of food hacks for you to save on your list.

1)You will be able to tell if an avocado is too ripe or just right by removing the stem. The darker it is, the riper it is. If it’s yellowish/greenish – that’s just ready for you to eat. Slice on and add some milk!

2)Bananas tend to overripe easily, but if you wrap the stem into a plastic wrap, you can prolong its shelf life and add 5 more days to the average time it can last.

3)You think dental floss is just for the teeth? No, you can use it to slice soft bread and cheese. It works like a bread knife.

4)Eggs can be colored even if it’s not Easter. Boil them and crack the shell to create beautiful patterns as you apply food dye.

5)Don’t you hate it when potatoes grow buds? Worry no more. Add an apple to the bag of potatoes and they will not.

6)Cheese and wine need some good pairing – if you know what I mean. Brie is for Chardonnay, Gouda is for Merlot, Sharp white cheddar is for Cabernet Sauvignon, Parmesan is for Chianti, Gruyere is for Sauvignon Blane, Blue cheese is for Riesling, Ricotta is for Pinot Grigio and Mozarella is for Sauvignon Blane. When you pop that bottle of wine, you’d know which cheese to grab.

7)You can create sugar cookie bowls by molding the dough using the bottom of the molder and baking them. Talk about “multi-purpose”.

8)You can use a paper towel to keep you salad fresh. Yes we want it moisturized, but we don’t want it soaked. That’s how you’ll get it right.

9)You can make a cookies ‘n’ cream coffee with Oreos right at your home. Crush some cookies, add milk and pour it to the ice container. Freeze and once set as ice, add cubes to a glass and pour the coffee!

10)Are you tired of eating plain fries? Get loaded! Slice the potato in even measurement, insert some ham and mayo if you’d like, top with cheese and bake. Garnish and serve.