Food Was Always Sticking to her Pans, This Trick Saved the Day

This is a very very cool cooking tip. Not everyone enjoys cooking. Some people find it a hassle to get all the essential ingredients ready for cooking, preparing the important tools needed, waiting for the thing to be cooked and done, and finally, having to wash all the food bits left on the pan because you simply do not own a non-stick pan.

This clean up hassle applies to when an individual decides to cook something that requires frying. Frying may be the easiest part of cooking but it can be something difficult to clean up as some fried pieces have the tendency to stick to the pan. Let's say that you don't own a non-stick pan. This is a trick you may just like!

However, Brother Green Eats of You Tube recently generated a quick and simple trick into avoiding having your food stick to your kitchen pan forever. This simple life hack could be used in a variety of food choices such as eggs, vegetables, chicken, meat, and the like and all that is to be added to create that kind of magic is a simple parchment paper.

The instruction is quite easy, you take a parchment paper to the pan where you are supposed to fry your food option, and then position it under what you're cooking, say, an egg for example. You will see that even when oil was added to the process, the egg will still continue to fry even with the parchment paper present. After the cooking is done, you can take the parchment paper with the egg off the pan and find that the egg slides off the parchment effortlessly! It will look like it has been cooked the same way it is traditionally done, only, the process left you with a clean frying pan and a happy stomach and mind.

Parchment paper is used all the time for baking, so why not for frying?

To see for yourself what this article is talking about, you may watch the video in the link below.

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