Forget What You Know About Steak, This Simple Trick Changes Everything. My Mind Is Blown.

Forget everything you know about cooking steak this simple trick changes everything. My Mind is blown! You can now turn any cheap cut of beef into a succulent filet mignon with these two easy steps. Jack Scalfani, a chef works his magic on $1.99/lb. meat, and it magically turns into the best steak Ive ever had. You can visibly see the difference in the side-by-side comparison of the treated, versus untreated meat. My mind is blown, and yours will be too when you see how he has created the ultimate steak recipe. There are so many great steak and beef recipes out there, but many of them call for the most expensive cut of meat you can find. While some people might just do this for a special occasion once in a while, it is not the most affordable option for people out there. If you have someone in your household that loves to eat beef regularly, or if you are someone who loves to eat beef on the regular, this recipe an trick will have the potential to save you big bucks on meat. And who doesn't like being able to eat like a king or queen and save money at the same time?!

Essentially, you can pick up any cut of meat from your local grocery store, and this recipe will work amazingly. Jack says that you can buy the worst of the worst cuts of steak and you will get a great result with his recipe trick. Jack Scalfani has his own cooking show on YouTube and his channel is the Cooking with Jack Show. He uses his channel as a way to help educate people on how to cook like a chef. He started out this series of videos to share tips and tricks that sometimes you wouldn't know unless you are a chef. So it is really helping out at home chefs to enjoy their cooking hobby without having to go out and go to cooking school to learn it all. What a great idea for a cooking channel! Jack shows us how to take a Poor man's cut of meat and turn it into a Filet mignon. You have to see this recipe he features on the 57th episode of his show. Jack says that he has only tried this recipe on steak, but he said it might work on other cuts of meat as well. Try it out with your own discretion.

Jack's brother sent him a link to a cool method on how to tenderize meat, so of course he HAD to try it out and then share it with us all when he found out how wonderfully it worked. Jack says that this meat tenderization process can take up to one hour or as little as fifteen minutes depending on how thick the cut of meat you have is. He bought the cheapest piece of meat that he could find that cost him only $1.99. He had the butcher cut it in half so that he could show the comparison from the same cut of meat, one he will be showing the tenderization method and the other he won't be. All you have to do for this method is put your meat in a pan, he shows himself putting both of the cuts of meat into separate pans, but this is just for comparison sake. You can just cook your meat according to the directions he gives. He takes very corse sea salt and liberally covers the cut of meat with the salt. For every inch that the meat, you let the meat sit for an hour. So if the meat is an inch thick, you would let it sit for an hour.

What the salt does is works on tenderizing the meat by breaking up the protein in the muscle, making it more tender. The salt gets washed off before the meat is cooked and then it is grilled up. They look totally different! You have to see it for yourself, so make sure you watch the video!

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