French Toast Bake

Breakfast is always the most important meal, it's important to start the day with some good fuel in your system, during the week many of us just grab a piece of toast or a bowl of cereal to get out the door, but on weekends it's nice to try something a bit more hearty and planned out. This "French Toast Bake," recipe is a great addition to any breakfast table! On weekends it is so nice to take the morning slowly, and make a nice big breakfast that you and your family can enjoy together. Sharing the moments making it together, and then enjoying time at the table talking and eating the delicious food you have created together. Such special moments that create such wonderful memories in our lives! When we have the extra time, a breakfast like French toast is nice to make, not something you would have every day either, so it's a really nice treat as well.

This french toast bake recipe is sure to go over well in my house, my kids love french toast and would have it every day if they could. Some of the ingredients you will need to have on hand for this recipe include melted butter, Texas toast, (thicker slices of bread are better for soaking up all of the egg mixture) vanilla, eggs, and milk. Once you beat your eggs, milk and vanilla you will spoon this over a layer of Texas toast in a pan, you will then place a second layer of Texas toast over the first and spoon over the remaining egg mixture. You will then chill in the fridge overnight. The nice thing about this recipe, is that its ready to go when you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and pop it in the oven. Once the recipe is done you can serve it with warmed maple syrup, with powdered sugar overtop, yum! Maybe some fruit and some whipped cream too! For the full recipe details you'll want to look at the site.

French toast is a total favourite, and has been made for a very long time, people back in the day used to use the French toast recipe to use up old, stale bread, so that they didn't waste any food. What a great idea, and we still very much enjoy this recipe til this day! This site called Drink 8 Waters, is a great place to find tons of great recipe inspiration for main meal recipes, easy recipes, even some great gluten free recipes for people who have food allergies, grilled recipes for the BBQ, healthy recipes, kabob recipes and so much more! Some great, specific recipes on the site are the chicken fiesta pasta salad recipe, oven baked meatball sub, hot dogs for a party, shrimp and broccoli recipe and tuna sandwich recipe. Doesn't that all sound incredible?! You definitely want to check out this food blog and save some of their awesome recipes! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "Drink 8 Waters," website.

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