French Toast Recipe

If you are a lover sweet breakfast like pancakes or french toast, then you will love this simple and amazingly tasty breakfast recipe for classic French Toast! Try out this French Toast Recipe the next time you are craving a sweet french toast breakfast! French toast is one of those things people love to have for Sunday breakfasts, with maybe some fruit and some syrup and whipped cream on top, maybe with a little sprinkle of icing sugar. Some people like to eat it savoury, with ketchup and sausages too. Which somewhat makes sense, because it does have eggs in it. So if you don't put the cinnamon in it, you could really have a nice savoury breakfast food. Some people will usually just stick to eggs and toast with a little side of bacon, but if you want to go big than you go for french toast, that is fully loaded up!

If you think french toast is from France, you might be surprised to find out that French toast has even been around before France existed if you can believe it or not! It goes back as far as the 4th or 5th century! It was found in a cook book from way back in the fourth or fifth century, which is pretty interesting and cool that so many people have been enjoying this breakfast treat for such a very very long time! 12 Tomatoes, searched for the very best way to make french toast, and in their searches, one thing was consistent. You must make sure that the toast gets toasted before it gets coated in the batter made up of eggs. Then also, using thick slices of bread, like Texas sliced toast, is the best way to go so that it soaks up a lot of the batter in the process.

French toast is a favourite breakfast food for people who love sweet breakfast foods, and it's a great way to have some eggs as a part of breakfast too. The old Latin cook book that the french toast was found in is called the Apicius. It was usually a way to use older or stale bread so it wouldn't go to waste. The recipe has made it's way around the world now, and there are even different variations, like one in Hong Kong, where they deep fry a stack of bread made of slices of bread and serve it with butter and syrup or honey, sometimes with fruit in the centre. Which is similar to the way that people make it now even. It goes to show that people's tastes sometimes stay the same over the years, even over such a long period of time. That is another thing that is so fascinating about these recipes that have been passed down through so many generations, it is a ways for people to connect through food. And food is something we have always needed and cherished throughout history. So it's very fun to find out all of the history behind it, and see how much or how little it has changed. Head over to '12 Tomatoes' by following the link in the section below for more!

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