Fresh Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

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We feel certain that if you love strawberries this fresh strawberry cream cheese frosting will make it into your recipe box. This frosting would be perfect with vanilla and chocolate flavored cakes. It is so super creamy and you use strawberry preserves to give the pink color and light strawberry flavor.

This frosting would also go well with carrot cake, just with a slight modification of exchanging the strawberry preserves for lemon juice.

Do you have memories of your favorite birthday cake and what type of frosting was used? Our grandmother's likely did not use cream cheese. Likely a nice butter icing or seven minute frosting would have topped those delicious homemade cakes.

Cream cheese frostings have become more and more popular over the past 20 years. Perhaps it is because they are not quite so sweet as all sugar frostings, or maybe it is that fabulous creamy texture you can only get combining cream cheese and butter! No matter what, this fresh strawberry cream cheese frosting is a winner.

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