Fried Ham and Cheese Melts

Sharp cheese, slightly sweet and lightly salted ham, light and fluffy pastry make the Fried Ham and Cheese Melts a wonderful snack! With only 4 simple ingredients, taking only 12 minutes to prepare, the Fried Ham and Cheese Melts are quick and easy recipe, perfect for when hunger strikes. Found on 'Oh Sweet Basil', this recipe as well as many new recipes and tips on cooking, both the beginner and the seasoned, the reluctant and the enthusiastic will find inspiration for cooking success in the kitchen. Author, cook and Pilates teacher, Carrian, along with her husband (a personal trainer) and their two daughters, teach us how to reinvent the family dinner. As a family that values health and fitness, there is a section full of ideas and tips along with advice that helps readers learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to get in shape.

Good water and good food are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that the human body can survive 3-4 weeks without food and up to 8 with water alone. It is said that we can go 3-4 days without water, though in extreme heat the time is much shorter. As the body is comprised of 60% water and every living cell in us needs it, it is little wonder that is absolutely vital to our survival. Without adequate food our bodies start to shut down and early signs of malnutrition or starvation include weakness, confusion, chronic diarrhea, irritability, bad decision making and immune deficiency. From there it gets progressively worse. Dehydration show signs much sooner and include dry mouth, lack of saliva, dry sunken eyes and rapid heartbeat. Be sure to include lots of clean water and healthy delicious food, such as the Fried Ham and Cheese Melts, as part of your healthy lifestyle.

This recipe site is created by Carrion, who is married and the mother of two young girls. She was a personal trainer, and Abs instructor while she was teaching Pilates. On this site you will learn new recipes, tips on cooking and inspiration to get back into the kitchen. Whether you are a seasoned cook, or a reluctant one, there is something for everyone. Not everyone grew up cooking, but there is still time to learn. The recipes section on her site holds all of the sites past recipes, so if you need any ideas head over there. The site has a How-To section and is a great section where you can see all of the posts about handy tricks, tips and facts to help you be more successful in the kitchen. Health/Fitness are a major part of her and her family's lives. She believes that living a healthier lifestyle not only gives you the break to eat the treats, but itís essential to teach to children and to have a happy and full life. This section is where she will share fitness tips, ideas, and advice on getting in shape or living a healthier life.

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