Fried Ice Cream Bars

It is not everyday that you get to hear about making "Fried Ice Cream Bars." So, when you see a recipe like this you often feel a curiosity to check it out! For those who have experienced eating fried ice cream bars before, then you know how delicious it is and we won't need to convince you to try it. If you're someone who has not ever tasted one, then it's your chance to expand that culinary experience by making them today with the help of this recipe. You might find something like this at a carnival, but if you don't make it to carnivals, then you will be happy to know you can easily make it right in the comfort of your own home.

We would like to give credit to the blog where we found this recipe and it’s none other than Lovely Little Kitchen. It is owned by a homemaker named Julie, who is super passionate about working in the kitchen preparing food for her husband and their three adorable sons. She expresses her love through the food that she makes and it is her goal to try something new when it comes to recipes that she feels would please her loved ones. She didn’t have any professional culinary training, but she grew up watching her mother do stuff in the kitchen, and that inspired her to become the amazing cook and baker that she is now. This is a great website, filled with lots of great recipes that you will love making. It may even become one of your favourite go to websites for cooking and baking!

She has always been passionate about cooking and baking. She recalled the very first recipe that she created when she was just a little girl. She added some cream of chicken soup to her Ramen noodles, and when she tasted it, she thought it was absolutely brilliant. We have to say that it was a pretty cute start at all for someone who ended up recipe blogging as an adult. Eventually, Julie found herself more interested in creating sweets and baked goods. In addition to that, she also learned how to do food photography which she also happens to be very good at. Her photos are so appealing they can get you instantly craving the food which is what you want, as a food blogger!

Speaking of which, if you take a look at the pictures of her fried ice cream and are ready to give it a try, the ingredients that you will need are crushed cornflakes, butter, sugar, salt, ground cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. For the toppings, you can always choose some sliced strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel or honey. You could even combine all these toppings, as long as you know how to balance out the sweetness that they could bring. Why not try this out the next time you are feeling adventurous? Kids would be so excited for this one I bet!

To view the entire recipe for this fried ice cream, check out the website “Lovely Little Kitchen”!

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