From Dirty Black To Gleaming Silver: How To Clean Horrendously Burnt Utensils In Seconds…

Do you have a burnt pot and just have no idea how you are going to clean it? There are times when cooking accidents happen; you have something cooking on the stovetop, and you walk away from it to deal with some situation that has come up. The phone rings and you get lost in a conversation, or someone knocks at the door, or one of the children has an incident. Yes, these things go on while you are cooking and once in awhile you completely forget you have something cooking on the stovetop. The room starts to fill with smoke and you run to the kitchen, pull the now well burnt pot off the stove and now, not only do you need to deal with cooking something else, you have the smoke and the pot to content with! Sound familiar?

Sometimes these pots are so black you just want to toss it, but there are methods to clean the pot, and we are going to list a few.


First method, if the burnt layer is not too thick would be to put hot soapy water in the pot, let sit overnight and in the morning see how loose it is. If you cannot get the burnt part off then you may need to try:

2.Make a paste from baking soda, apply and use a scouring pad.

Still not clean? You may need to try:

3.Although SOS and Brillo pads can be abrasive and scratch the surface, this vigourous scrub may do the trick. Check a spot on the pan first with the pads to see if you are going to ruin the surface. If this is not going to be your solution lets try:

4.Pour a shallow layer of cooking oil in the pot submerging all burnt parts. Heat the oil until small bubble appear on the surface, cover the pan with a lid. Let stand over very low heat for as long as possible. While on the stovetop, use a wooden spoon to scrape at the burnt areas until you get all you can off the bottom. Shut off, let cool then use paper towels to wipe out all that you can. If some burnt areas still remain, go back to the baking soda method in #2.

These are a few methods, and you can find more visiting the 'Wonder How To' website below for photos and more ideas.

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