From Log to Keyboard Stools and Stylish Chairs Made of Tree Logs

In today's home design we use chairs so often. This article will show you many different styles of chairs from log to keyboard stools and stylish chairs made of tree logs! This post shows you that you don't need to be generic, you can make a chair out of anything with a sturdy base and it will serve its purpose for you in your home. As long as you have a surface to sit on you have a chair. Typically chairs are made out of many small pieces of wood, carefully carved and shaped into spindles that create the legs and back. But you don't have to have that same old design that everyone has. You can even try your hand at making your own chairs out of found materials.

The photos will show you that there are so many different ways to make chairs and stools. For example, the chairs in the photo you see with this post, they are basically just carved out of 2 large tree trunks. No legs, just one solid continuous line that makes the perfect spot to sit! The key board stools would be perfect for the computer enthusiast in your home! It looks like they have recycled a couple of old keyboards from computers and fixed them all into place on the top of this stool. It looks pretty neat actually! You could even do something with pennies or other coins, or even some other collection you have tucked away in a jar.

I really love the tree stump trees, where they take the tree stump and finish it really nicely and just set it on the floor as a seat. One photo in this post even shows one with legs attached to the bottom of one stump to add some contemporary feel to the piece.

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