Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Crisps!

Fruit salsas are taking a front place position for lots of home chefs. We are all fully aware of the traditional salsa that you eat with your taco chips and Mexican dishes.

This recipe is going to WOW your tastebuds. It is a salsa made with apples, lemon, kiwis, a couple varieties of berries and a few other ingredients. The cinnamon crisps are your typical flour tortillas but with some sweet ingredients added. Follow this link for the full recipe for Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Crisps from Spend with Pennies.

Here is a little background on traditional salsa. The is a generic term in South American and Spanish cuisines. It can be anything from a thick dark sauce, and adobo or a light and piquant salsa verde. Typically the main ingredients are onion, tomato, and pepper sauce. Salsa can be smooth or chunky. Salsa can be raw or cooked. Although many people use this word to identify a red, fresh lightly cooked tomato with onions, pepper and cilantro, that is only a taste of what salsas can be.

At local markets, one can find peach, pear, and all sorts of varieties of fruit salsas. They are rapidly gaining popularity. And, when you taste a fruit based salsa you will ask yourself if it has not already made its way into your repertoire of recipes...Why Not?

Fresh fruits are loaded with vital vitamins and packed with nutritional goodness. This offers moms an opportunity to feed the children natural food, making it more interesting for them. Can you not imagine putting a portion of fruit salsa into your childs lunchbox along with the cinnamon crisp chips? What a great dessert. All the kids are going to want to be having a taste, and you will be able to feel great that you are making health-wise food choices. This is not only for children though; the entire family, of all ages will get a craving for this easy to make and adaptable dessert.

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