Fudgy Brownies That Are So Good!

What about fudgy red beans brownies for dessert, eh? This delicious brownies recipe will melt your heart. And what’s so special with this recipe? Red beans score this time, my friend! “Wow! That’s sweet! But what are red beans?” *silence* *hugs* We’re on the same page, amigo. Anyway, I know these fudgy red beans brownies are tempting. Right now, I just want to grab a mega load of this, go to a room and lock the door and eat all of it all by myself. *heavy breathing* Alright, you are looking like a brownie to me now. Before I lose my mind, why don’t we give red beans the floor to introduce itself? “Much better!” Ok! Ladies and gentlemen, red beans!

Red beans have many varieties. In this recipe, the variety used is the kidney beans. Kidney beans are large dark red, kidney-shaped beans. These beans are available canned and dried. They are commonly used as ingredient in making ‘chili con carne’. Red kidney beans also play a vital part in Pakistan and Indian cuisines. In Pakistan and India, the red beans are known as ‘rajma’ and are used in a dish of the same name. However, you should know that red kidney beans are toxic when raw and not pre-soaked. Therefore, you should boil them first for 10 minutes. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, as cited by Wikipedia, it is safest to boil kidney red beans for 30 minutes to completely destroy the toxins. Canned red kidney beans are safe to use immediately.

Red kidney beans are not left behind when it comes to health benefits. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as cited by Michele Turcotte in the Live Strong website, red beans are a source of fiber-rich complex carbohydrates, which plays a large role in your diet. Carbohydrates provide the energy you need in your daily routines. They are also rich in amino acids which are essential in forming the basic structure of your cells, tissues, and muscles. Red beans also contain folate, magnesium, iron, and copper. “One cup of red kidney beans meets 58 percent of the recommended daily value for folate, 20 percent for magnesium, 29 percent for iron and 21 percent for copper. Folate is needed to form DNA, red blood cells and chemical messengers in the nervous system. Magnesium is important for healthy bones, energy metabolism and regulating blood pressure. Iron is essential for oxygen transport in the bloodstream and promotes a healthy immune system. Copper helps the body use iron efficiently and is needed to form collagen,” says Michele Turcotte, a licensed dietician and personal trainer.

That’s a lot of information about kidney red beans. For now, get out your baking pans and experience the fudgy red bean brownies and have fun! *winks*

Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Brooklyn Farm Girl" website below.

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