Gain More Confidence And Improve Your Cooking With These 10 Cooking Hacks

It doesnít matter how long you have been working in the kitchen making meals for you and your loved ones, you can always learn something new. Today we have the top 10 easy ways to improve your cooking. These tips will help you gain more confidence in the kitchen and will even drastically improve your cooking.

1. The first thing that you need to do is to dispose of your microwave oven. This gadget doesnít do anything at all to help you cook good food. What it does is just tempt you to cut corners. Itís only good if you want to defrost something quickly. Although you can always remove that frozen food a day before you use it for cooking, so really there is no reason for you to keep a microwave at home.

2. Read the recipe carefully. A lot of people just skim through a recipe and later on forget some of the important step, which results in a mediocre dish. Take your time to read it twice because that will help you remember all the steps that you need to follow and that will save you from ruining the dish. Now, you donít have to be enslaved by your cookbook and just do everything thatís written on it. You can always experiment, but make sure that those changes are done intentionally and not just by accident because you forgot a certain step.

3. Write down a list of the things that you will need to do before cooking. Take a roast chicken with vegetables for example. Make sure that you write everything in detail and make the procedure specific. Itís so much easier to remember things when you write it, rather than just to try and have it in your mind. You will realize how much time you will save and how everything will go so smoothly.

4. Only use fresh herbs whenever possible. The dried ones wonít contribute to the taste of what youíre cooking because most have already lost their flavors. Fresh herbs can turn flavorless food into something really delicious. You can always grow your own herbs at home or just buy them fresh in your local market.

5. This one is easy to like, and it calls for using butter. Yes please! Butter is apparently essential to good cooking. When you cook a steak, you want to always fry in butter mixed with a little oil to stop the butter from burning. Butter is known to add flavor to everything. You can also add butter to your recipes to thicken sauces. Make sure to always use unsalted butter so you don't overdo your salt. Try this great cooking trick for veggies - undercook the vegetable ad then add a knob of butter to the pan and finish cooking the on high heat with a little salt and pepper, you'll never go back to cooking vegetables any other way.

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