Cleaning Stove Top Grates With Ammonia

This is a GAME CHANGER. Watch this Video and Never Clean Your Stove with Nasty Expensive Chemicals Again. Cleaning our kitchens can be one of the toughest cleaning jobs in the whole house. When you use your kitchen every day, sometimes three or four times a day, its no wonder such a mess accumulates in the kitchen. You can clean as you cook, but usually we are just trying to get a meal on the table. So while that is always a good intention, it doesn't work out that we can clean as we go. So that is why we have to do a heavy duty cleaning once in a while. Our stove tops can really accumulate a lot of stuck on grime and grease from dripping pots and over boiling pans. The grates that the pots and pans sit on can also accumulate a lot of crusty stuff. But the grates can be a little trickier to clean because of all the little nooks and crannies they have. But all of that burned on food has to come off somehow, so that is where this great tutorial from the DIY Supermom Youtube channel comes in.

This tutorial will seriously change the way you clean your stove top grates. In this tutorial, you will learn how to clean your stove top grates with ammonia. Ammonia is a naturally occurring chemical, however, it is classified as a toxic substance. So knowing this, its really important that you read up on more information about the chemical before you use it. Ammonia is a liquid substance that turns into a gas when it hits the air. It will have a very toxic and overwhelming scent, that can actually burn your mucus membranes in your throat and nose, as well as the eyes if you are overexposed to it. When you are using ammonia, you must take the proper safety precautions for your own health and well being as well as for your family member's health. You should be sure to wear gloves and a mask while you are using this product to clean your stove top grates so that you don't get it on your skin or breathe it in too much.

This method does make cleaning those nasty stove top grates really easy though. All you need for supplies is a big bottle of ammonia, which can be found at your local hardware store or department store, usually with the bleach or laundry soap, and you also need larger size zip lock bags. Just make sure that one stove top grate can fit inside the ziplock bag with some room to spare for the liquid, and then be able to close at the top. You begin by placing the individual burner grates in their own bags, but first, the grates are sprayed down with ammonia. Once they are coated in the ammonia, you can seal the bag and leave them to sit for several hours. The ammonia will work away at breaking down the tough burned on grease and food over the time it is allowed to sit, and the longer they can sit, the more the ammonia will work its magic.

After about an hour or longer, sometimes overnight, you can take out the stove top grates and scrub them with a scrub brush to remove the rest of the gunk. You will want to rinse off your stove top grates with hot water, and wash them with some dish soap as well before you dry them off and put them back on your stove top to use. This method of cleaning with ammonia can also be used for the drip pans that go under burners on an electric stove. Check out the video and see how awesome this method is, and try it out for yourself the next time you deep clean your stove top grates.*