Garlic Butter Cheesy Crescent Rolls

It is not everyday that recipe website gets as well loved as this one, Rasa Malaysa. In just one glance, it was like love at first site and we feel in love with Bee and her very special Garlic Butter Cheesy Crescent Rolls. The recipe has just a few basic ingredients and only takes 20 minutes to make, what could be better than that, really? Bee says that her son is hooked them...well her son and my husband should have a Garlic Butter Cheesy Crescent Roll eating contest (say that one 5 times fast!) and see who wins. Whatever the outcomes, I would predict an empty pan after that contest. They are just so good! Chewy dough, savory, garlickly and incredibly addictive. They make the perfect compliment for dipping in a bowl of hot soup as well. The recipe uses Pillsbury dough, which adds to the simple factor. Did you know that Pillsbury has been around since 1872? Do you know where the name came from? It was named after one of the founders..Charles Alfred Pillsbury. In the '50s the company used to have a national bake off competition (speaking of competitions), which was broadcasted on CBS. One thing that you might know about the in the 60s, they acquired Burger King! Makes me want to run on down and taste those buns to see how they compare.

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