Garlic Butter Herb Roasted Corn

This Garlic Butter Herb Roasted Corn Recipe can be eaten any time of day, whether it's for a snack, for lunch, dinner or a side dish it's that yummy. You can lightly roast the corn in the oven or on a cast-iron grill pan. The garlic herb butter recipe is what sets this corn recipe apart from the rest. The garlic herb butter recipe can be used for all sorts of recipes from bread, roasted potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, squash and more. The garlic herb butter recipe has butter, parsley, minced garlic, and honey. To finish this corn recipe you can sprinkle it with a bit of paprika on top before serving.

Corn crops are one of the most widely grown grain crops throughout the Americas, with more than 332 million metric tons grown annually in the United States alone. Because corn is so popular, you will hear lots about trading corn futures. Approximately 40% of the crop—130 million tons—is used for corn ethanol. Corn crops are important to Mexican recipes. Almost every dish in Mexican cuisine uses corn. Corn from corn crops is the main ingredient of tortillas, tamales, pozole, atole and all the dishes based on them, like tacos, quesadillas, chilaquiles, enchiladas, tostadas and many more. Trading corn futures will always be popular as corn is such a popular food staple.

Garlic is a popular ingredient that has been used in recipes for more than 7,000 years. Garlic is an ingredient that is native to central Asia; garlic has long been a popular staple in recipes in the Mediterranean region. Garlic can be traced as far back to the Ancient Egyptians, for use for medicinal purposes and food recipes. Garlic has long been known to help in the prevention of the ailments like the common cold, along with having other beneficial health benefits. Butter is an ingredient that is made of solid dairy product by churning fresh or fermented milk or cream, to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. Butter is used as a spread on plain or toasted bread products and as a condiment on cooked vegetables, as well as in cooking, such as baking, sauce recipes, and pan frying. Butter is made of milk proteins, butterfat, and water. Salt such as dairy salt, flavorings and preservatives are sometimes added to butter. Rendering butter produces clarified butter or ghee, which is almost entirely butterfat. The earliest butter recipe would have been from goat's milk or sheep milk; cattle are not thought to have been domesticated for another thousand years. In the Mediterranean climate, unclarified butter spoils quite quickly unlike cheese, so it is not a practical method of preserving the nutrients of milk used in the recipe.

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