Garlic Knots

Garlic Knots, anyone? Garlic bread is very popular and is often serves with spaghetti dishes. This recipe for garlic knots will make for a delicious snack or perfect bun to accompany certain meals. Garlic is well known to provide health benefits. Now, it is time to have a getting-to-know-you more session with one of the world’s famous spices. Garlic, with a scientific name Allium sativum, belongs to the onion genus which is native to central Asia. Onions and chives are its close relatives. It has been used for seven thousand years already. It has been applied as seasoning in Asia, Europe and Africa. For ancient Egyptians, it is used for cooking and medicinal purposes. In culinary, it is used as seasoning or condiment. Its strong and spicy flavor that adds spice to any recipe is widely known. One of the many benefits of garlic is it helps hair growth. If you have hair loss problems, you can rub and squeeze garlic cloves with oil on your scalp. Acne problems? Worry no more! Garlic could be a natural remedy for it. Just rub garlic on the affected area, its antioxidants help kill bacteria. Garlic also helps prevent colds. It boosts the immune system. Just sip garlic tea (minced garlic soaked in hot water). For desirable taste, add honey. If you are trying to lose or control your weight, try adding garlic to your cooking recipe and diet regimen. Athlete’s foot can also be treated with garlic. Its anti fungal elements can help get rid of itchiness. Put crushed garlic in a hot water then soak your feet in it. Vampires! Yes, you read that right. Vampires don't like garlic. But I am not talking about vampires that you see in the movies. Mosquitoes, the real blood-sucker, are repelled by the smell of garlic. For people who live in mosquito-prone areas, rub garlic on your skin. You can actually place it anywhere in your house. Amazing garlic, isn't it? For now, to enjoy enhance your immune system, try this healthy and tasty Garlic Knots!

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