Garlic Scallops

Feeling like a seafood dinner? Try this Garlic Scallop recipe out! Here is a wonderful scallop recipe from Rasamalaysia, a great source for healthy and delicious recipes. If you are like most people, scallops are not something that is on your weekly menu. You may have them once in a blue moon when you are out for dinner somewhere where they happen to be serving them. But they are not usually a food that people make at home too often. They are quite rich as well, which also makes them a kind of food that you wouldn't want to eat all of the time. Your stomach might have a hard time with that. You can make a little treat for yourself once in a while, right? So this is the perfect chance to try out some scallops at home, with a very simple recipe.

People might be afraid to cook scallops at home because they might ruin them. Like shrimp or prawns, scallops are pretty easy to cook up and not too easy to mess up, so as long as you follow the directions given to you, they should turn out just fine. It's just like cooking anything, though; practice makes perfect, and so what if you don't get it perfect the first time around, at least you tried, and it will always be easier as you make it more. All you need is the scallops, the fresher you can get them, the better. Then you just need olive oil, butter, white wine, garlic, cayenne pepper for a little bit of spice, salt, ground pepper and some nice fresh parsley leaves for garnish. All you have to do is saut the scallops in all of the ingredients, except for the fresh parsley, until they are cooked thoroughly, and then put them on a plate with some parsley on top. You can serve them alone, as is, or with pasta, or as a part of a seafood salad. They make great appetizers, all you have to do is put some nice toothpicks through them! Some people like to wrap them in bacon to serve them, which is pretty popular for parties.

Scallops are a type of saltwater clam or mollusk that can only live in the ocean, and not in freshwater environments. They can swim by opening and closing their shells quickly which propels them through the water at a pretty good speed. The shape of the scallop's shell is very recognizable, and has been used in jewelry, art, decorating, and in architecture for centuries. Like other clams, scallops do produce pearls as well. Though they are not as shiny or as large as other pearls, they are still highly regarded. There was a scallop fossil found that dates all the way back to the Triassic age, around two hundred million years ago. As you can see, scallops have been around for a very long time and have been food for many different types of animal, and for humans alike.

This shellfish is used in other recipes like sushi recipes, where it is in a creamy sauce, topped on rice, wrapped in seaweed paper and topped with roe, or fish eggs, which are very tiny little balls that almost look decorative, like glass. Also, smoked scallops are often a way in which these shellfish are served. So if you have never tried cooking scallops at home, or even if you have, try out this easy scallop recipe and prepare some for yourself and your family at home. Try something new out! It might just be your new favorite seafood. Make sure you check out some of the other awesome recipes on Rasamalaysia. They all look really delicious, and they all seem healthy as well!

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