General Tso’s Chicken Recipe

Let us check out this recipe for General Tso's Chicken. Firstly what is this?

Wikipedia tells us that General Tso Tsung-tan, was who this dish was named after. He was a Qing dynasty statesman and a general. There is no record though of any connection to him, rather the roots of this stem in the 1949 exodus of chefs to the USA. What we find in this dish that is served in a typical restaurant is chicken that is prepared with red chili peppers, green onions, eggs, and cornstarch.

You can make the dish in a deep fryer or wok. The instructions in this recipe use both. This is a well-flavored dish that we can assure you.

Let us talk about chicken itself. This recipe calls for boneless skinless chicken thighs. When you purchase chicken, you will notice that the flavor and tenderness of one brand will differ from another. Grade, A chicken, has the most meat in proportion to bone and is the most economical as there is less waste. You cannot judge fat content or quality of chicken meat by its color as that can range from white to deep yellow. The color of the meat is determined by what the chicken is fed.

When you see free range chickens this mean that they are raised in an enclosed fenced area. It may not necessarily be a large area, but they are at least able to get a little exercise, and see some sunshine. These chickens are raises chemical-free. This method of raising chickens is more human and produces a healthier bird so that you will pay more.

If they are not free range, it will mean that the life of the chicken has been one where it has been confined to a cage. Generally a crowded one and this chicken is raised in a controlled environment, and can be fed a variety of feeds that are not chemical free. It is less costly to raise chickens in this manner, so they are cheaper to purchase.

It is each person's choice what type of chicken meat they prefer to purchase.

Now that we have learned a little about how chickens are raised, let visit the 'Blog Chef' website and get the ingredients and instructions for thi appetizing dish.

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