German Chocolate Cookie

Germans have a certain reputation throughout the world, some are good and some are bad, but one thing is for sure... they are have a real knack for making some great inventions ! Now this is the first time I've ever heard of a German chocolate cookie recipe, but I'm glad for the introduction because this is another thing that can be added to the things they are good at. So what makes this particular German chocolate cookie so special? You might think a cookie is a cookie and there are few ways to spice it up, but there are in fact two ingredients in this recipe that are a little less common and unusual. Okay, well if you're a baker you might not think it's that crazy but I'm not someone who bakes very often, so it kind of blew my mind to realize how easy it is to take a cookie to a whole other level. Now it's hard because I just want to say what makes this cookie so great, but then it wouldn't be a surprise, so I'll leave it.

If you think of what makes the perfect cookie, what factors come into play? Usually moistness, chocolate chip ratio, softness, fluffiness, and probably a host of other things that I can't think of right now but still... these cookies pass with flying colors on each and every factor. They're soft, moist, ooey gooey, chocolaty, and even better yet - they are incredibly simple to make. The secret ingredients are nothing too special. I'm sure you're absolutely dying to know what they are, but of course you're going to have to check out the article for yourself to figure that one out. I guess I'll tell you there are coconut flakes in it, but for the real secret ingredient I'll leave that a secret! There are a total of 7 ingredients in these German chocolate cookies so like I mentioned, they are far from being complicated. In fact they are one of the easiest cookie recipes you can come across! Unless you go ahead with the Pillsbury rolls of cookies, but that's just plain old cheating in this case.

Now I don't know what makes these cookies German exactly, since they are quite basic and don't have anything odd or obviously German added to them. But maybe it's just the style of recipe that's common out there. Either way, if you've never had any German chocolate cookies either then this is your chance! If you're anything like me, you are eager to get this show on the road and whip up a batch. So I won't hold you up any longer. Just click on one of the links to get redirected to this wonderful recipe, and prepare to be amazed at just how simple it is to make these German chocolate cookies. Like I said the ingredients list is super easy and doesn't take much planning at all, so you can run to the grocery store and back to cook this awesome treats in the next hour if you really wanted to. I know that's what I'm going to be doing soon too!

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