German Chocolate Cookies

German chocolate cookies are a delicious rendering from the classic German Chocolate Cake recipe. What you may not know about the original, is that unlike what you probably think ...which is that it is a from may be surprised to learn that it is not from Germany at all, but actually comes from the United States. The American chocolate maker (Sam German) created a recipe of dark baking chocolate that was eventually used to make this delicious cake.

The cake recipe (and the upcoming cookie recipe) is topped with a coconut pecan topping which is traditionally made from egg yolks and evaporated milk. Once cooked, the pecans and coconut are stirred in.

This recipe first appeared in 1957 in the Dallas Morning Star by a Mrs. George Clay by a homemaker out of Texas. She called it 'German's Chocolate Cake'. There is even a National German Chocolate Cake Day in the United States ... June 11th, if you are wondering.

The recipe in the coming link for the German Chocolate Cookies uses a cake mix for the base and has a typical topping that we just described. It is a quick recipe to make and have served on your tea table, by the time you are ready for your snacks. The topping in this recipe uses a chocolate candy coating, which you can choose, but if you do not have the coating style of chocolate, go ahead and chop up some regular bakers chocolate, melt it and drizzle it on top of your cookies.

These treats are heavenly and combine so many perfect flavors and textures. Enjoy this delicious recipe and find the full recipe at the website link below to the 'Chef in Training; website.

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