German Chocolate Macaroons

German Chocolate Macaroons make my want to eat list every time! But then I love coconut and chocolate and come to think of it pecans! 3 favorites all in one bite. Lets talk a little bit about coconuts. I recently was on holidays in where coconuts are growing. Who has tried to open a coconut?

This is no easy feat. That tasty coconut meat and milk that we so love is very well protected by not one but two outer protective coatings. First we have the husk, that is the green part you see, which also turns yellow. Next is the hard brown shell that you may be more familiar with.

We will let you know how the Samoans traditionally opened their coconuts. A stout stick sharpened on the end in a spear-like shape was planted in the ground. The coconut husk was pierced by thrusting it against the sharp point. Once it was pierced, the coconut was held against the stick with one hand the other hand pressed down separating off the husk in sections until it was cleaned.

Next the brown coconut shell would be cracked open with a heavy knife, stick or rock. One good whack should crack it so, that indicates the item doing the hitting must be heavy and strong.

Drinking the coconut juice is a real treat and to do this, before you start to break the coconut up, you would just cut the top off (leave the husk on) with a very sharp large knife, or you can puncture the 'mouth' or crack a small portion off the top and drink the glorious liquid inside.

The coconut that you see on the grocery shelves comes from the coconut meat inside that is shredded into various sizes and shapes. Although many recipes called for sweetened coconut, I prefer to use natural coconut as a substitute as it is plenty sweet enough in its natural form. The sweetening of coconut is another one of those processes that became popular prior to people realizing that adding sugar and flavors to natural ingredients is not as healthy as eating natural nor is it necessary.

The recipe shown today comes from the 'Chef in Training' website below. Please be sure to check it out for the ingredients and directions.

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