Get Rid of Arthritis Pain Naturally – with These 16 Super Foods

Arthritis is said to be an autoimmune disease which affects people with no specific ages. Its symptoms vary from redness, swelling and pain in various areas of the body. The pain instantly occurs depending upon the climate, the food intake and mostly by the level of the activity that the person does within a day. In order to ease and help reduce the pain of arthritis, there are foods to prevent from swelling and suffering. I know it is hard to incorporate the usual foods you eat to the advisable food for arthritis and this would be a big challenge for you to take in consideration. Still, it would be best to consult your physician before taking a major dietary action regarding your diet.

Here are some lists of foods that helps fight arthritis pain and would prevent it to occur.

1) Bananas are great food that is rich and high in potassium that contains vitamins and minerals that can supply the needs of our body. Banana contains vitamin C, B6 and folate that helps battle back arthritis making it to lessen the pain.

2) Bell peppers act as antioxidants and is rich in Vitamin C. Antioxidants plays a vital role in combating free radicals in our body which in turn helps eliminate the amount of inflammation and as well as limits the pain you will feel.

3) Olive Oil plays a vital role in our daily cooking and the best part is, it contains ingredients that are similar and has the same effects with over-the-counter painkillers do.

4) Whole grains helps reduce inflammation.

5) The production of mangoes is seasonal, so be sure to pick some stocks for you. Mangoes plays a vital role by getting you rid of the pain.

6) Shrimp and other shellfish helps lessen the amount of inflammation of your arthritis.

7) Apples helps lessen the strain on your joints. So make it a habit to have an apple a day.

8) Starting today, add walnuts in your diet as it helps with the level of inflammation in your body.

9) Sweet potatoes are good antioxidants and it contains carotene and other fiber, vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

10) Fermented soy like tempeh, miso or some type of tofu are best food for the reduction of inflammation due to arthritis. But take note that there are other soy products that you need to avoid especially if you have a gout arthritis.

11) Lentils are advisable for people who are suffering arthritis as it also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels.

12) Salmon is known for its high omega-3 content and it plays a vital role in curbing arthritis pain. Omega-3s help reduce inflammation, and it’s advisable to get a steady supply each day.

13) Drinking multiple cups of green tea is good for people who are suffering from arthritis. Aside that it has a high level antioxidants, it has a direct effect on inflammation levels in your body.

14) Spinach is considered as one of the healthiest food that has phyto-nutrients which enables your body to function well. A daily dose of this super food helps reduce inflammation level too.

15) Tomatoes are known for its lycopene content and is said to be responsible for feeling relieved when arthritis pain strikes. It is best eaten fresh.

16) Beets contains antioxidants and is very helpful against free radical attacks.

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