Get Your Burnt-on-Pans to Clean Themselves While You Eat

You'll want to learn this simple kitchen tip on how to get your burnt-on-pans to clean themselves while you eat! It's always frustrating when your good stainless steel pots or frying pan get covered with burnt on food while you are cooking dinner. You see it and wonder how you are going to get all the burnt on food off and know it will be a lot of work. Cooking with stainless steel is great, its' super easy to work with, and it heats and cooks evenly, great for all your recipe needs. With that said we all have our moments in the kitchen when a cooking mishap leads to a frying pan that is impossible to clean. This simple kitchen tip will not only have your stainless steel frying pan or pots looking like new again, but it's also so easy you can use it while you eat.

This easy to do kitchen tip just uses one ingredient, one that you are sure to have already in your kitchen cabinet. This kitchen trick uses baking soda added to some water. It is like magic, just sprinkle it in the pan with the burnt on food, and it will clean itself while you eat. You don't even need to scour the pan. Cooking with stainless steel sometimes takes some getting use to, until you master cooking without burnt mishaps. Even then, there is going to be the occasional time when you are going to have some burnt on food that is difficult to remove. All it takes sometimes is letting the dog out, or answering the phone and you come back to burnt on food. This kitchen tip works best when your stainless steel frying pan is nice and hot. You want to start by taking everything out of the frying pan and plate it up or put it in a serving dish. Next you want to pour some baking soda into your frying pan. You can be generous, you don't need to measure, just sprinkle onto the pan. Then pour some water from the tap into the pan.

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