Ghost Haunts a Factory Toilet in Bangladesh, Sends Thousands Into Mass Hysteria

No camping trip is complete without a good old fashioned ghost story around the campfire. Every cliché slumber party has one giddy girl busting out the Ouija board. Popular television is dominated by flick after flick tackling the teaming genre of ghost lore, paranormal activity, and the inexplicable. But, what happens when an innocent human preoccupation with the ever-touted realm of the supernatural snowballs into something much more serious? A factory in Bangladesh was recently shut down due to an outbreak of mass hysteria involving a frenzied belief in the supernatural. The catalyst for this chaos was one distraught factory working claiming her illness must have been caused by a ghost taking up residence in the factory toilets. Blame it on strong cultural beliefs, blame it on deplorable working conditions, or simply blame it on ghosts. Regardless of the actual tangible cause for her illness, her decision to blame a ghost, and then the decisions of the mass quantities of fellow factory workers to throw their lot in with her and cause a huge disruption speaks to a core element of human nature: fear. Whether it's fear of disease, poverty, governmental control, war, or yes, even ghosts, fear catches like wild fire. As independent as we may feel personally, as a species we are in tune with one another and are biologically programmed to hedge our bets with the masses. Working together, and listening to each other about pending dangers and disasters is what keeps us alive...for the most part. It's horror flick behavior 101. The character who goes against the grain and seeks out the mysterious noise coming from the bathroom is usually the first to go. So, in a population of overworked, underpaid, exhausted, and ghost-fearing people, is it really surprising that a panicked claim of a ghost haunting one of the places we find ourselves most vulnerable caused mass hysteria and rioting? Follow the link to the 'Who Forted' website link below to hear the eerie story in full detail.

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