Giant Símores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

So its almost summer time, time for all the treats we save just for camp fire time! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say camp fire treat? If you are from North America, you will probably say s'mores! Good old classic s'mores everyone loves them, and they are so fun and easy to make! Don't want to have to wait til summer or a camp fire to have your S'more treats? Well, now you don't have to because you can have them in cookie form! Yeah, that's right, cookie form... Chocolate chip cookie dough is what creates a layer around the melty goodness of the marshmallow and chocolate and graham cracker. You would probably just think that these are regular chocolate chip cookies at first glance, but you would have a big yummy surprise when you bit into it to reveal the centre of S'more magic!

I think this is one recipe I would like to try once just for fun. I can't see me liking this all the time but after seeing the photos and reading the description written on Smells Like Home, I am so intrigued to find out how these cookies taste. I imagine they are pretty darn good. This would be a fun thing to make for a birthday party or for any party when people see them they think, oh just boring old chocolate chip cookies and then boom! They are surprised by the S'more stuffed centre! It would be so fun to see all the reactions you get from people.

The lady who posted this made her own graham crackers even! You don't have to be that ambitious though; you can just used store bought and they will world just as good. Head over to ĎSmells Like Home ' by following the link in the description below and try it out yourself!

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