Glittery Sour Patch Grapes

I was looking for a quick and easy recipe I could make with my son when we came across this recipe. We just made these glitter-grapes and they are fantastic and tasty. They really taste like the sour patch kids you can buy at the convenience store. My son was loving them and eating them before we could even store them in the fridge. I mixed regular cherry jello with a quarter of an package of the unsweetened jello lemonade mix. It was the perfect combo of sour/sweet, with no artificial sweeteners.

Put your bowl of glittery-grapes uncovered in the fridge and let them sit for an hour at least prior to serving (the longer they chill in the fridge the better off they taste). I love eating frozen grapes so I tried them frozen and they were good, but started to get messy and gooey when they started to thaw out. Once they get warm the jello starts to melt and gets slimy and they do not look as pretty. The first time preparing this I washed them and put the grapes into a zip-lock bag and then poured the flavor powdered jello onto the grapes. This way is not recommended because the jello powder became clumpy and was too sour. Next time I will do as this recipe suggests and just roll them on the plate in a little mixture at a time. Thanks ever so much for this quick and easy idea!

Another variation of the recipe is fresh apple slices. I remember when I was young and we would use chocolate jello mix and bananas - just cut up some and banana slices and dip it in the jello mixture.They are so simple to make and are a great summer snack or even dessert! With the variety of jello flavors there are endless options to suit your favorite taste.If you are diabetic, make sure to use sugar free jello and it makes a wonderful snack. Make sure you check out the link below to 'A Spotted Pony' for the recipe and instructions!

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