Going Vegan was the Best Thing I Ever Did, and you Will Be Amazed WHY

Why go Vegan? Are there really healthy benefits or this just a big fad?

We are going to see what our featured article has to say, but when you read on you will see that this couple felt it was one of the best moves they have made in their lives. The motivation was to stop ingesting hormones and antibiotics that are in meats. We read more and more about this all the time and know it cannot be good for us.

Some have chosen to at least only eat meats that are organically fed.

When you see the articles about how chicken are raised it makes you search for organic and farm fed and humanly killed and as for eggs, you at least opt for the free range, organics.

But for those that say No More! and choose to go VEGAN then this means learning to eat without any animal products.

Once you get going, it is not that difficult to do as there are so many great foods to supplement your diet with.

The family in the featured article also do not take supplements and donít believe you should need to. They eat a well-rounded diet with a variety of incredibly tasty and nutritious things

Some of the things they noticed was not getting sick very often, feeling energetic and happy, with bright eyes. An overall sense of being eager to wake up and do things. A sense of being much more focused than ever before, which also means more productive. Beautiful skin has been a part of a beautiful diet and no need for special creams. A loss of about 7-8 pounds, with no effort, and a good digestive system have been natural benefits from the new diet.

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