Great Great Shrimp

Dinner time can be exciting every night of the week, even if you are running low on groceries in your refrigerator. Here is a Great Great Shrimp recipe from My Fridge Food that will please everyone's taste buds. Face it, we all have those nights where we are already hungry and go to our fridge to survey the ingredients we have to prepare a satisfying meal that everyone in the household will enjoy. It can be difficult at times when you are in the middle of the week and probably need to do a little light grocery shopping, but don't feel like just going to get one or two things. You need to eat now!

That is why this great great shrimp dinner recipe is a great one to add to your weekly menu, it requires only a few ingredients and the end result is delicious. You have to love simple recipes like this one. All you need is probably found in your refrigerator or spice shelf. You basically create a sauce and seasoning from some Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, dry white wine, chopped green onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, and paprika. Sautéing the shrimp in this spicy and savoury sauce, gives them a great flavour and the aroma of them cooking would be fabulous!

This spicy shrimp recipe would be great paired with rice and a salad, or maybe just as a salad with some leafy greens, cucumber, to cut the heat of the spices a little, and maybe a little-grated carrot on top. And it is all made with things that you probably have in your fridge or freezer already, maybe you just have to get a bag of shrimp. But shrimp is one of those items that I always like to have on hand. They are great for so many different seafood style recipes. Shrimp are awesome with pasta, rice, as tacos or burritos, and as appetizers too. In fact, this recipe could even be adapted to be an appetizer recipe for a party or gathering. Everyone would absolutely love them, so you better make a double batch! Shrimp are also a great form of lean protein, with 24 grams of protein per 112 calories. These little guys also pack in a lot of vitamin D and help our bodies to absorb a lot more calcium and phosphorus, great for healthy bones and teeth. So they are not only tasty but very healthy for us.

My Fridge Food shares a bunch of different easy recipes on their website. The website is very user-friendly, and their recipe database is accessed by choosing all of the things that you find right in your own refrigerator. The website then shows you the different recipes you could make, just with the information you provided them with what you have on hand. This can definitely save a lot of time trying to search recipes and filter out the ones that you don't have all of the ingredients for. Also saving you from having to go out to the store to buy more ingredients if you don't already have them. The majority of the time, there are things in our fridges that need to get used up as well, so this creates the perfect way to be able to use up some ingredients that would otherwise sadly go in the garbage. So why not try out this recipe if you have some shrimp on hand, or save it for when you do. Try out their awesome website for more recipes that you can make, just check off the boxes on their Home page, and see what the results come up with! You might just find your new favourite recipe on there. Happy cooking! Enjoy!

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