Greek-Style Pasta Salad

This Greek-Style Pasta Salad will make you feel like royalty. It is a unique type of salad, blending two different cuisines that you won't regret making the next time you plan a meal for your loved ones. Salads are usually eaten on the side after a main course, while others could be an appetizer. This particular salad could actually be the main course itself because of the rich ingredients that it contains. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that will also get you going throughout the day if you choose to have this for breakfast. A salad to start your day is not a bad idea at all!

Now, in case you are curious about where and how salad was invented, we have here some fun facts that you will find fascinating and informative. If you have ever seen those old movies that feature Greek or Roman characters, you would notice that their meals always include some big wooden bowls with large wooden spoons to mix the ingredients inside it. Those are salads and yes, the concept of this dish came from the Romans and ancient Greeks.

Salads are usually mixed with a dressing along with little pieces of food. Everyone loves to experiment and throw in bits and pieces of vegetables, meats, grains and even fruits in a large bowl. There are many types of salads and we’re guessing that there will be more to come, now that a lot of people are continually enhancing and reinventing this classic dish. The most common salads out there are garden salads, tuna, fruit and the original Greek salad. The salad dressing is what gives flavor to this dish. Most people prefer ranch, Thousand Island and vinaigrette. Salads are perfect during the summer, especially when they are served cold. There are some that require it to be warm like the traditional south German potato salad.

Moving on to this specific recipe that has both the influence of the countries, Greece and Rome; you’ll be pleased to find out how easy it is that you can make this even when you’re in a hurry. Do you have a huge party to serve? No problem! Just mix together some bow-tie pasta, red wine vinegar, mustard, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, parsley and of course, the usual salt and pepper. This recipe is good for 8 servings.

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