Greta Alexandra Oskolkov-Schneider, The World's Most Creative Horse Body-Clipper

People who love horses and who work with horses doing competitions and shows, are really into doing everything they can to make sure that their horse is always in the best condition and shape. Meet Greta Alexandra Oskolkov-Schneider, from New Zealand who is one of the people who helps keep people's horses looking stylish and clean cut. This is not just your regular horse grooming though, this is next level altogether! Greta, or Greta Clips as her business name, works with the horse's specific shape and colour to bring out a fabulous cut on the horse's body! It is really something quite unique! As you probably saw in the photo with this link, she does intricate designs on the horses that get them show stopping looks and maybe even extra confidence when they are preforming. Having her own horse herself, she loves spending time with the horses in this way, it creates such a strong bond between them to spend so much time grooming, the horses probably really love the attention and love.

The equine business is a whole other world, very elite from what I understand. When I was in massage school my one teacher talked to us about horse massage and how you can get paid a lot of money for working with horses, but it is a very elite group and you really have to make a name for yourself if you want to be in the equine business. It seems like Greta has found her niche and her way into the equine working world where she seems to be becoming pretty high in demand. She even says that she will travel to work on horses if her travel is paid for.

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