Grilled Caprese Chicken

This recipe looks like the perfect summer dinner. You must try out this amazing looking Grilled Caprese Chicken salad. I for one, love caprese salad, its so light and refreshing and takes minimal effort but every one loves it! I love the wet mozzarella with the balsamic reduction, basil, and the juicy, hopefully heirloom tomatoes. Its making me hungry just thinking about it! So adding chicken to the mix, is something that I had honestly never thought of, but its a brilliant way to make it into a full meal!

The great thing about this recipe is that you can cook it on the grill so you don't have to heat up your house with the oven in the hot summer months. The other nice thing is that it doesn't take more than 25 minutes to make it. I love something quick and easy on nights when you are hungry and just need a quick and healthy meal. You do have to marinate the chicken for up to 30 minutes though so do be aware of that before you go to make this. The author over at Delightful E Made actually grills the tomato and mozzarella cheese right on top of the chicken breasts which would be so delicious. Blended with the flavour of the balsamic marinated chicken, these two were made to go together.

Caprese salad, is an Italian dish that was made to look like the Italian flag with the red, white and green. The colours of Italy in a salad, even their food honours their country! This awesome salad or appetizer, originated in the the Island of Capri in the 1950s. In Italy however, they do not serve it with balsamic vinegar, or the balsamic reduction like we do in North America, they just serve the cheese with the tomato and basil and maybe a dash of olive oil and black pepper. I have only ever had it in Canada, so I have always had it with the vinegar, which I love, so I can't imagine it without, but I am sure if you found a really good tomato, it would be great without too.

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