Grilled Seafood Appetizers

Seafood is a favourite and a treat for many people! These Grilled Seafood Appetizers look so amazing, your mouth will be watering just looking at the photos! Seriously, don't look at this if you are too hungry, it will just make you more hungry, or maybe do look at it to get some ideas for a snack. Seafood is such a luxury to most people, especially those living in land locked places that are not close to the ocean. People who live close to the ocean have it good, like we do out on an island. We get a lot of fresh sea food all the time. It's wonderful!

The paella looks out of this world in this slide show of recipes! Paella is probably one of my favourite things because it has so many things all in one dish, with so much flavour and intense spices! Paella is a Spanish or Portuguese dish and has been made in those countries for hundreds of years. Paired with a nice wine, it makes the perfect meal to share with family and friends. The other recipe that looks awesome is the shrimp bruchetta. I love bruchetta, it is so simple to make and has so many great flavours to it. With the mix of shrimp and tomatoes, on a nice loaf of freshly toasted bread, it would be so awesome!

Seafood is a great meal or appetizer to make, but you just must be sure to make sure that people aren't allergic to shell fish or any other fish, because it can be a tricky one. But generally most people love seafood and would love to be at a dinner party with any of these recipes. Which ones would you make?

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